But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed. And do not fear their intimidation, and do not be troubled, but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you yet with gentleness and reverence; and keep a good conscience so that in the thing in which you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ will be put to shame.  1 Peter 3: 14-16

Latest Headlines: - Apologetic Report
Thursday, 07 December 2017 16:03


Don Johnson

An article at The American Conservative explores virtue in our modern culture. Virtue no longer is a matter of character, where the individual controls his passions while pursuing an ideal higher than he is. Virtue is instead now found in the measure of empathy for victims, whether they...

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Written by Don Johnson
Thursday, 07 December 2017 16:00

Open Your Eyes to All the Gifts God Has Given You This Christmas


Sometimes focusing on God’s “big miracles”—like curing cancer and making brain tumors disappear—causes us to overlook His small, daily miracles of providence in which He holds the universe together, keeps our hearts beating, provides us with air to breathe and lungs to...

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Written by Randy Alcorn
Thursday, 07 December 2017 16:00

Mt. Ararat and the Resurrection

“And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat.” (Genesis 8:4)

The story of Noah’s preservation through the awful Flood has been recognized by all Bible students as a beautiful picture of the resurrection. It is, of...

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Written by Days of Praise from ICR
Thursday, 07 December 2017 16:00

Friday’s Featured Sermon: “The Nature of the Incarnation, Part 1” Featured

What do you think about as Christmas approaches? Do you anticipate the gifts you’ve been hoping for—all neatly wrapped under a shiny tree? Maybe you’re excited about time off work and the gathering of family members.

For many of us, it’s the more spiritual traditions that...

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Written by Grace to You Blog
Thursday, 07 December 2017 15:36

Union with Christ in the Gospels (Brian Hedges)

imageHere’s an endorsement I wrote for Brian Hedges‘ new book, With Jesus: Finding Your Place in the Story of Christ(Shepherd Press, 2017):

When we think about the Christian life as union with Christ, we often turn to Paul’s letters where the doctrine is explained so clearly. But this...

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Written by Fred Sanders
Thursday, 07 December 2017 14:30

Response to Dave Armstrong’s response to my article on his taking Irenaeus out of context

I begin with a link to an article by Anthony Lane, that David Waltz linked to at his blog. (see at the very bottom of his side bar, right above the famous Newman quote)  This article by Anthony Lane is really good for understanding what tradition is and its relationship to Scripture and...

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Written by Ken Temple
Thursday, 07 December 2017 14:25

How to Watch a Movie (6): FAQs about Christianity and the Movies

Over the course of the years, I’ve taught countless seminars on “How to Watch a Movie.” This installment of the series will address several of the questions and issues that often arise in those seminars, before concluding with a brief challenge.

What are some alternative Christian...

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Written by Bruce Ashford
Thursday, 07 December 2017 14:05

December 8: Macartney and Machen

While searching out a question today for a patron of the PCA Historical Center, I came across this letter to the editor ofCHRISTIANITY TODAY [the new series, for a change!] In this letter, Ned B. Stonehouse, professor at Westminster Theological Seminary and biographer of Dr. J. Gresham...

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Written by archivist
Thursday, 07 December 2017 14:05

Silly Philology | “I Could Care Less”

imageI get confused when people say, “I could care less.”

I mean, I guess I know what they’re trying to say, they’re trying convey their disinterest in whatever they’re interlocutor has said or asked. But in actuality, the phrase “I could care less” doesn’t...

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Written by Parker's Pensées
Thursday, 07 December 2017 14:05

A Wise Woman Builds Her Home on Sola Scriptura


Laura Ingalls Wilder is known for making the observation that “home” is the nicest word there is. Indeed, there is an inherent beauty and sweetness to the idea of home that can almost be felt in the sound of the word itself. Surely this is because that lovely place of shelter, comfort,...

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Written by Jessalyn Hutto
Thursday, 07 December 2017 14:00

Video: "Submitting to One Another" by Alistair Begg

Everyone is naturally inclined to proud self-assertion, but humility and mutual submission should be evident in the lives of believers. Alistair Begg urges us to consider that real unity is a response of reverence for Jesus, who gave Himself for us. As we are increasingly under the control of God's...

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Written by TFL
Thursday, 07 December 2017 14:00

Pastoral and Personal Evangelism, or Winning Men to Christ One by One




The story of evangelism is the specific history of the Cross of Christ. Great movements and...

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Written by SharperIron
Thursday, 07 December 2017 13:40

Simplicity, Scholasticism, and the Triunity of God

Article by by Mike Riccardi (original source here with helpful comment thread). Questions such as these are answered:

1. Why should I bother myself with learning about metaphysics? 2. Does the incarnation “interrupt” the simplicity of God? And relatedly, does the Son remain incarnate...

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Written by John Samson
Thursday, 07 December 2017 13:29

Looks Good, Until We Check Context

imageDr. James White writes:

Earlier today I retweeted Ligon Duncan’s recommendation of Dr. Needham’s fine little book of daily readings from early church fathers. Well, (Roman Catholic Apologist) Patrick Madrid follows me on Twitter (as I follow him), and he replied that he surely hopes...

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Written by John Samson
Thursday, 07 December 2017 13:29

Nine Questions to Ask Yourself to Prepare for 2018


Most people say they hate Mondays, but I’ll be honest, I love them. Mondays give me an opportunity to start the new week with a blank slate. If last week went poorly, I have the chance to start over and refocus. This is also the reason I love the first day of the month. So, as you can...

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Written by Scott Slayton
Thursday, 07 December 2017 13:10

Trevin’s Seven


Podcast: This week, I was a guest on World Radio’s Listening In podcast with Warren Cole Smith.

Kindle Deal: How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart. $1.99.

Of note: Jeff Vanderstelt reviewed This Is Our Time for TGC this week....

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Written by Trevin Wax
Thursday, 07 December 2017 13:06

The Day After the Day of Infamy Featured

December 7, 2017 will go down as a day in infamy, as I wrote yesterday. Fake marriage was voted through in the Federal Parliament, after several days of debate in which various amendments were all voted down. Sodomy has been legalised while freedoms of all kinds have been declared to be worthless...

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Written by Bill Muehlenberg
Thursday, 07 December 2017 13:01

Michael Kruger and Andreas Kostenberger on Walter Bauer and his “lost Christianities” thesis

Thursday, 07 December 2017 13:01

Strengthened By Testing

December 8

“Count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.” -JAMES 1:2,3

The Lord does not test us with the intent of making us stumble. That is the way the adversary works. No, the Lord indeed tests us and proves us, but His...

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Written by Chip Brogden
Thursday, 07 December 2017 13:00

The Impartial Power of God

By one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified. —Hebrews 10:14

We trample the blood of the Son of God underfoot if we think we are forgiven because we are sorry for our sins. The only reason for the forgiveness of our sins by God, and the infinite depth of His promise...

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Written by RSS | My Utmost For His Highest
Thursday, 07 December 2017 13:00

$5 Friday: Jesus, the Trinity, Holiness


It's time for our weekly $5 Friday sale. This week's resources include such topics as Jesus, prayer, apologetics, Scripture, the Trinity, the Gospel of John, holiness, and more.

Sale runs through 12:01 a.m. — 11:59 p.m. Friday ET.

View today's $5 Friday sale items.

Authors: Nathan W. Bingham...

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Written by Nathan W. Bingham
Thursday, 07 December 2017 12:53

It's Christmas, Let's Not Forget to Give Jesus a Birthday Gift


Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. We know that. But in the frenetic pace of the holiday season, we often lose sight of that truth. While my family is busily making and buying gifts for one another, our friends, and our neighbors, we could easily skate through December without preparing a gift...

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Written by Jennifer Oshman
Thursday, 07 December 2017 12:19

Scripture, Tradition, and Church, by Anthony Lane

Thursday, 07 December 2017 11:10

This land is mine

i) The late great Jewish tenor Richard Tucker make a stirring recording of "The Exodus Song":
Depending on your viewpoint, that's political propaganda. Since I'm not Jewish, and I wasn't raised in the Middle East, I can't identify with the song at a...

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Written by steve
Thursday, 07 December 2017 11:01

The Genealogy of Jesus

Michael Kok has a collection of links related to Jesus' genealogies in Matthew and Luke here.

Authors: BibleX...

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Written by BibleX
Thursday, 07 December 2017 10:18

How Cromwell’s Irish terror made a bloodthirsty preacher teach tolerance

John Owen scholar Crawford Gribben recounts Owen’s change in sentiment.

[I]n August 1649 [Cromwell] achieved, for the first time in hundreds of years of English intervention, the entire subjugation of Ireland. His goal was a massive extension of English power and Protestant religion....

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Written by Brandon Adams
Thursday, 07 December 2017 10:00

Mojo Not Firepower

“History is littered with examples of empires, nations, and cities that fell to inferior forces when by all rights they should not have” (Empires of Dirt, p. 58).

The post Mojo Not Firepower appeared first on Blog & Mablog.

Authors: Douglas Wilson...

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Written by Douglas Wilson
Thursday, 07 December 2017 09:00

Moore's the pity, pt. 1

Can an evangelical or conservative Christian in good faith and with good reason vote for Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for the Alabama Senate, and thus against Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate?

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Written by steve
Thursday, 07 December 2017 08:42

Reclaiming the initiative in the culture wars

I'm going to comment on an article by Ryan Anderson:
Ryan makes a number of good points along the way, but he also has some missteps: 
But do we really want to live in a country where acting...

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Written by steve
Thursday, 07 December 2017 08:00

Judaism’s View of Salvation | The Rapp Report daily 025 | SFE | Andrew Rappaport Featured

This podcast evaluates the view of salvation in Judaism

This podcast is a ministry of Striving for Eternity and all our resources http://strivingforeternity.org/

Get the full interviews with your support:...

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Written by Andrew Rappaport
Thursday, 07 December 2017 07:59

Knowing God’s Will: A Better Way than Signs and Wonders

imageIn their search for God, proponents of Dominionism, NAR, Kingdom Now (and even New Age), believe there is a shortcut to finding God and His will. It is found in the ethereal and the ecstatic, which manifests itself in signs and wonders. These, they say, are evidences that God is moving and working...

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Written by modres
Thursday, 07 December 2017 07:50

The Strangeness of the Modern Mind


The question of how things that were once inconceivable can become conventional and even majority viewpoints is one we far too infrequently ask ourselves. How is it possible, for instance, that the norm of marriage as a male-and-female institution is one of the nearest things there is to a cultural...

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Written by Alastair Roberts
Thursday, 07 December 2017 07:45

Learned and Turned (Christ and Adam… Respectively) Featured


There is a quality which both Adam and Christ share. They each lacked what we all do not lack… “original sin.”

What is original sin?

Here’s a description of original sin as given by Got Questions?org

“…that sin and its guilt that we all possess in...

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Written by theidolbabbler.com
Thursday, 07 December 2017 07:22

Forty Examples Of Matthew And Luke Agreeing On Jesus' Childhood

A few years ago, I posted thirty examples of agreements between Matthew and Luke about Jesus' childhood. Earlier this year, I added ten more to the post, so that it now provides forty examples. If you've already read the original edition of the post, you can go to the comments section of the thread...

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Written by Jason Engwer
Thursday, 07 December 2017 07:13

Unanticipated Discussion of CBGM and P45, Then Beginning of a Review of Ijaz Ahmad’s Video on OT/NT “Corruption”

I started off thinking I’d mainly respond to Ijaz Ahmad’s video today and then open the phones, but alas, I mentioned a little bit about the Coherence Based Genealogical Method in regards to some volumes of the TuT series (Text und Textwert) that had just arrived today and people...

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Written by James White
Thursday, 07 December 2017 06:47

Joyce Meyer -- A Prisoner of Heresy

A recent article from Joyce Meyer reveals some of the many false teachings she embodies...

Authors: 828 Ministries...

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Written by 828 Ministries
Thursday, 07 December 2017 06:28

I Threw Myself on Jesus’ Mercy, But Nothing Happened


When people are pursuing Christ and say, “nothing happened”, they can either give up seeking and go to hell, or they can keep seeking Him until they find Him. Christ may even test us and not give us what we’re asking for immediately, but a person with faith won’t give up...

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Written by Tim Conway
Thursday, 07 December 2017 06:08

The Cross is proof of God’s grace Featured

by Mike Ratliff

13 And the tax collector, standing afar off, would not so much as raise his eyes to heaven, but beat his breast, saying, ‘God, be merciful to me a sinner!’ Luke 18:13 (NKJV) 

In our day it is not unusual to hear a man-centered version of the Gospel message that...

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Written by Mike Ratliff
Thursday, 07 December 2017 06:04

Presbyterian vs Congregationalist vs Baptist Sacramentology


Visible Saints and Notorious Sinners: Presbyterian Sacramental Doctrine and Practice and the Vicissitudes of the Baptist Movement in New England and the Middle Colonies is an interesting essay from OPC pastor Peter J. Wallace. He argues that after the Great Awakening, baptist convinctions grew...

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Written by brandonadams
Thursday, 07 December 2017 05:57

Is Being Good Enough to Get to Heaven?

Some time ago, I had an in-depth discussion with a college student about the morality of hell. Even though I provided every philosophical and theological justification I could muster, he simply couldn’t accept that a loving and just God would send anyone to hell.

After about an hour of...

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Written by Sean McDowell
Thursday, 07 December 2017 05:40


The teachings of psychology always intrigued me –until after I became a Christian and began to read the Bible. The more I read God’s Word, the more God began to heal me from how others had caused me to view myself as God began to renew my mind with the truth of His Word. God […]


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Written by Mary/Living For His Glory
Thursday, 07 December 2017 05:10

The Social Gospel Coalition, Jared Wilson, Publish Bizarre Reading List for Pastors Featured

Jared Wilson, who’s a part of the Social Gospel Coalition, but who I don’t think we’ve ever blogged about before, has posted a bizarre reading list on the TSGC website. He explains:

Liberty Baptist Church recently launched our Pastoral Training Center, an 18-month...

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Written by News Division
Thursday, 07 December 2017 04:57

The Lesser of Two Evils Does Not Vindicate Evil

image Sohrab Ahmari has written a penetrating op-ed for The New York Times titled, “Supporting Roy Moore Is a Devil’s Bargain.” I agree with just about everything in this piece, but I want to highlight one part of it that evangelicals would do well to pay attention to.

Ahmari points...

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Written by Denny Burk
Thursday, 07 December 2017 04:51

The Progressive Feminist “Women’s Champion” Formula: Vote To Keep Abortion Legal So That You Can Grope/Fondle/Assault At Will Featured


Ah, how quickly the world changes…and yes, often for the better…

Just yesterday, it seems – or about two months ago, to be more precise – it was the open, accepted norm for progressive feminist types like Bill Clinton, Al Franken, and _______ Kennedy to have free reign to...

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Written by FireBreathingChristian
Thursday, 07 December 2017 04:51

Pride, Celebrity, Self-Flattery, and Donkeys

image Andreas Kostenberger has a nice section about humility in his book Excellence.  He notes that humility is one of the “cardinal virtues in the Christian life and in academic work.”  In the chapter Kostenberger quotes Calvin:

I was always exceedingly delighted with...

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Written by Reformed Reader