But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed. And do not fear their intimidation, and do not be troubled, but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you yet with gentleness and reverence; and keep a good conscience so that in the thing in which you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ will be put to shame.  1 Peter 3: 14-16

Latest Headlines: - Apologetic Report
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 18:33

Why a Forensic Faith is So Critical Today (Podcast)

In this podcast, J. Warner Wallace is interviewed by Lucas Miles and talks how he became a Christian through analyzing the Death and Resurrection of Christ, how to take an evidential approach to Scripture, the exodus of young people from the Church, and how we can be fully equipped to defend our...

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Written by jwallace
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 18:01

Expository Preaching and the Use of Commentaries Featured


As a political science minor in college, one of my favorite classes was an upper-level course on Constitutional Law. Throughout the semester we read and interacted with dozens of judicial opinions in which Supreme Court justices explained their interpretation of the Constitution and their...

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Written by Matt Waymeyer
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 18:00

Suffering and Death

April 19, 2018
If God is so good, why is this world filled with suffering and death? The answer is plainly described in Genesis 1–3. God created a “very good” world, but Adam’s rebellion brought a curse and death. The disease and death in the fossil record...

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Written by TBC Staff - EN
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 18:00

Nuggets from Countdown to the Second Coming—The Revived Roman Empire (Part 2)

April 19, 2018
Formation of the EU has been only the first step, and one that students of Bible prophecy long anticipated and have been watching carefully. How could the same process extend throughout the entire...

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Written by TBC Staff - CR
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 18:00

Leviticus 23; Psalm 30; Eccl. 6; 2 Timothy 2

Leviticus 23; Psalm 30; Ecclesiastes 6; 2 Timothy 2

LEVITICUS 23 PROVIDES A description of the principal “appointed feasts” (23:2). These include the Sabbath, which of course could not be observed by taking a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The remaining feasts mentioned, however, are bound up...

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Written by Don Carson
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 18:00

The Word and the Spirit

“Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.” (1 Corinthians 2:12) How is it that some people can read a biblical passage and find it either tedious, confusing, or even foolish,...

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Written by Days of Praise from ICR
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 17:36

Wild in the Streets

In 1968, the film Wild in the Streets  was released.  The premise was a simple and a somewhat satirical jab at the burgeoning “anti-establishment,” counter-cultural revolution that was rampant at the time.  A senator, played by Hal Holbrook, and Max Frost, a 22 year old...

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Written by Don and Joy Veinot
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 17:03

Three Powerful Steps in Standing for Truth

imageOne might think that the first century church was full of heaven on earth: the apostles were present, miracles were abundant, and revelation was fresh and new. The books of 1, 2, and 3 John, however, give us an open window into severe inner tensions within Christ’s body.

In 1 John we discover...

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Written by Matt Recker
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 17:01

Guest Post: Both Sides of Every Story

(Note: This is a guest post written by Travis Satterfield who blogs at “Here’s the Thing” which you can go to by clicking here.  I am currently away and I am thankful for Travis for this guest post.  If you have thoughts and questions, feel free to comment and...

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Written by SLIMJIM
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 17:00

Theology Thursday – To Diognetus on Christian Citizenship


Nobody knows who Diognetus was, but he was apparently a Hellenistic believer who was interested in learning about the Christian faith. The unknown author (some believe it could be Polycarp) wrote this letter to explain a bit more about the Christian faith, likely sometime during the late 2nd...

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Written by TylerR
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 15:44

“Safe Schools” and the War Against Children and Parents Featured

Yesterday I wrote about the “Safe Schools” programs against the backdrop of the global sexual revolution sweeping the West. As I documented there, this is not happening by accident, but activist groups are deliberately and militantly pushing all this.

It involves very worrying...

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Written by Bill Muehlenberg
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 15:17

Silly Putty Jesus

At a 2000 meeting of the SBL, Dan Wallace read a paper ("Ipsissima Vox and the Seven Words from the Cross: A Test Case for John’s Use of the Tradition"). Wallace's 2000 address may well be building on his 1999 address, so they go together. Hence, this is a sequel to my previous post:

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Written by steve
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 15:15

The Leader and Abuse of Power


In Matthew 4, Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. Throughout the account, the nature of Satan’s temptation is toward the abuse of power.

Satan first entices Jesus to turn a stone into bread. Jesus had fasted for forty days up to this point. His...

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Written by Mike Ayers
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 15:10

Navigating Through Difficult Seasons


Apparently, I’m middle-aged. At least that’s what the folks who categorize these things tell me. As I move deeper into middle-agedom, I’ve slowed down. I’ve lost hair. I talk about the good old days more and I have a growing desire to yell “get off my lawn” for...

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Written by Darrell Deer
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 15:05

April 19: Confession of Faith (1840)

Over 175 years ago, it appears that Presbyterian congregations were largely ignorant of the Church’s own StandardsAre we much better off today?

“The Presbyterian Board of Publication have issued a correct edition of the Confession of Faith, and they are now selling it at the...

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Written by archivist
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 15:05

Rob Bell, Fundamentalist: 5 Ironies from the New Bell Film


I just watched the new Rob Bell documentary. It’s entitled The Heretic. Here’s a better title for it: The Fundamentalist: Rob Bell Walks Through Airports. I’ll explain what I mean below, and encourage you to look for the early April podcast I just recorded with Isaac...

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Written by Owen Strachan
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 15:00

Characteristics of a cult: Isolationism | Rapp Report Daily 0034 | Andrew Rappaport | SFE | Striving for Eternity

In this 2-minute podcast, we will address the fourth of five characteristics of a cult.   The fourth trait of a cult is that the organization that they will isolate their members from any outsiders.

This podcast is a ministry...

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Written by Andrew
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 15:00

Check out


A “Ten Commandments” Prayer One for the closet.

Living the Christian Life with C. S. Lewis Raving review of a new book.

Charles Spurgeon’s Call to Preach Christ in a Christly Manner “As we share the gospel with friends and neighbors, Spurgeon reminds us that it is...

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Written by David Murray
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 15:00

The Waco Tragedy: 25 Years Later - How to Recognize False Teaching


Over twenty-five years have passed since the horrendous loss of seventy-six lives in what is now often referred to as the "Waco Massacre," a nearly fifty-day stand-off between the Branch Davidians and government forces that ended with the cult's compound engulfed in flames. The siege left behind...

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Written by TFL
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 15:00

Hymn: "There's Not a Friend Like the Lowly Jesus" by Johnson Oatman, Jr


There's Not a Friend Like the Lowly JesusBy: Johnson Oatman, Jr.

There’s not a Friend like the lowly Jesus- No, not one! no, not one! None else could heal all our souls’ diseases- No, not one! no, not one!

Refrain Jesus knows all about our struggles, He will guide till the day is done; Th...

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Written by TFL
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 14:17

Be Heavenly Minded So That You’re of Earthly Good


T. D. Alexander:

“Meaningless! Meaningless! . . . Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless” (Eccl. 1:2)! So cries the author of Ecclesiastes as he attempts to make sense of this world “under the sun.”

Looking around, it’s easy to conclude that life is absurd.


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Written by Peter Cockrell
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 14:11

How can we make time for word-filled ministry in the midst of our busy lives?


Author's Note: This past weekend I attended a Word-Filled Women Workshop hosted by The Gospel Coalition at another Acts29 church in Denver. The workshop concluded with a panel discussion, to which attendees could present questions that come from their local context. I was honored to be on...

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Written by Jennifer Oshman
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 14:10

Don’t Waste Your Talent

In church we like to talk a lot about spiritual gifts. All kinds of spiritual gift inventories are available online, but I remember taking one with a paper booklet and answer sheet when I was in the youth group in the 90s. Pastors often encourage us to use these gifts for the good of the… [...

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Written by Melissa
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 14:10

The Irrepressible Realities at the Heart of ‘A Quiet Place’


In conversation about classic films, it seems like someone always says, “They just don’t make movies like they used to.” Except they do. Increasingly.

We have superhero films today that rival any blockbuster from the past. We’re singing along with musicals like La La Landand T...

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Written by Trevin Wax
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 12:03

Podcast Interview with Robert Bowman Jr. "The Word-Faith Controversy: A Fair Critique" Featured


In this podcast Steve talks to Christian author & apologist, Robert M. Bowman Jr. about his book "The Word-Faith Controversy." Does the Word of Faith movement really have its origins in the New Thought movement, or is there a more accurate way to understand this gigantic movement?

Bowman clears...

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Written by Steven Kozar
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 12:00

LITV Episode 33 | A Conversation Featured

A Conversation – Episode #33
In This Episode…
Visit us and give us a ‘like’ on our Facebook page!
Episode Length...

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Written by John Johnson
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 11:50

CEB Study Bible (Updated) Review

The CEB Study Bible is as interesting as it is inconspicuous. Its cover is not loud or busy; it looks like it belongs on the shelf in your pastor’s library. We will get into the translation in a few minutes, but first, I want to point out a few things that stand out to my eyes. The...

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Written by Matt Sherro
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 11:35

Market Driven or Manna Fed?


Is it more than a coincidence that the early 21st century’s economic bust also marked an exponential rise in market driven methodology within the church? As donations began to dry up throughout the non-profit world, market driven philosophies were primed to take center stage. Most ministries...

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Written by Flynn Huseby
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 10:00

Make the Gospel Beautiful (at Work)

At first glance, Paul seems to give irrelevant instructions for Christians in America today when he addressed the social and economic institution of slavery (Tit 2:9-10). Though this institution permeated first-century Greek and Roman culture, it does not permeate our modern society. Though...

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Written by TOvermiller
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 10:00

Witnessing to a rape victim

– Episode 2272 –

Witnessing to a rape victim

Segment 1 (00:00) – “I think God is a bad person.”

Segment 2 (10:22) – The Bible values women

Segment 3 (20:53) – A wonderful encounter!

Wretched Surprise! (26:18) – Just for Fun, Lawson and Kindles

The post Witne...

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Written by samueljroys
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 09:53

Should Christians Be Adapting To The Culture? — Voddie Baucham Featured

This video is well worth the watch. Yes, this is a longer video, but Voddie Baucham knocks the commonly taught philosophy that Christians must become part of the culture to influence the culture. Voddie explains that it is not only ineffective to do this, but is a sin.  In...

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Written by Richard Haas
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 09:45

Elyse Fitzpatrick and more on romancing Jesus Featured

Jesus knew what she was doing and he welcomed it.
The above is from Elyse Fitzpatrick and I'll get to the problem in her essay further down. But first, context.
Nine years ago, Keith Burton wrote an article in Spectrum Magazine called Jesus Is Not My Boyfriend. Why?
It appears as if some talented...

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Written by The End Time
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 09:00

Announcing Our 2019 Caribbean Study Cruise


If we want to know God and His Word, we must know and live the Psalms. The book of Psalms is at the center of the Bible, and it features the core themes of Scripture and displays all the emotions of human experience. On March 17-24, 2019, join us as we study the Psalms and enjoy God’s...

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Written by Nathan W. Bingham
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 08:51

UPDATE: My Cardiac Arrest while Preaching - Prayer Request Praise!

Good afternoon , As many of you already heard, I collapsed while preaching Sunday in Pensacola, Fla. with a full cardiac arrest. I am told my heart stopped for about two minutes but by the grace of God I am able to resuscitated with a defibrillator and shocked back to life. Let me tell you...

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Written by profilesubs
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 07:48

The wonderful gift from God Featured

by Mike Ratliff

8 For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; 9 not as a result of works, so that no one may boast. 10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in...

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Written by Mike Ratliff
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 07:25

Coming Attractions but Not Tonight

I still remember when The Deebs got our first comment from someone we didn't know. We were so excited that someone would read our little blog. Little did we know then that there are so many church abuse stories out there. #metoo #churchtoo #FreeChurchtoo

Authors: dee...

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Written by dee
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 07:22


•Witness Wednesday
•Stuart the ex-anglican finds Christianity ridiculous
•Richard the Kiwi in Australia with a South African talking to Ray the Kiwi in America
•Father Jim the married ex-methodist, ex-episcopalian Catholic priest does not like protestants
•A Manhattan business woman turned stay at home mom is insulted by the Law of God.

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Written by joey
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 07:02

Mangling the Word of God for the False Teaching of Mandatory Healing

Becky Dvorak eviscerates the Bible to prop up her Christian cash cow - divine healing.

Authors: 828 Ministries...

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Written by 828 Ministries
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 06:57

How to Respond to: "Being Gay is Not a Sin so Stop Using God to Justify Prejudice and Hate"

image The following post is a response to this comment found on social media:

"Being GAY is not a CRIME. And it is not a SIN.: Stop using God to justify your prejudice. Religion is about Loving one another, You're just looking for an excuse to hate."

If someone were to simply take a few hours out of their...

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Written by john_hendryx
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 06:30

What Is Definite Atonement?

In this brief clip from our 2012 Theology Night, R.C. Sproul explains that God’s purpose in the atonement was limited and definite.


What is in view here is God's purpose, His design. Did God intend, when He sent into the world His Son to die, did He intend that that death would...

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Written by R.C. Sproul
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 06:00

God Clothed in His Word and Promises (Luther)

image Here’s a wonderful selection from Martin Luther’s commentary on Psalm 51:1a (Have mercy on me, O God, because of your loyal love! NET).  These comments have a lot to do with Luther’s critique of Rome’s “theology of glory.”  Notice how Luther...

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Written by Reformed Reader
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 05:54

Did Calvin’s Theology, Piety, and Practice Need To Be Rounded Out With Müntzer’s? (2)

In the first installment we considered Thomas Müntzer’s continuationist (as its called now) doctrine of revelation, his relation of the Word of God to the Holy Spirit in contrast to that of the author of the Belgic Confession (1561), Guido (or Guy) . . . Continue reading →


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Written by R. Scott Clark
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 04:44

What Happened to Keswick? – Delnay


Years ago a few Fundamentalists had occasion to identify with the Keswick movement, also known as the “deeper life,” or “victorious life.” Others have slurred the movement in somewhat the same way that New Evangelicals have slurred the Scofield Reference Bible. The point is...

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Written by Kevin Schaal
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 04:39

The New Apostolic Reformation: Movement or Myth? With Dr. Doug Geivett, Holly Pivec, and Dr. Michael Brown — The Alisa Childers Podcast #19

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What is the New Apostolic Reformation? Is it a growing movement that is influencing and impacting the body of Christ....or simply a myth? Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. Doug Geivett, and Holly Pivec discuss and debate the relevant issues on today's podcast.Internet...

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Written by Alisa Childers - Blog
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 04:38

Questions for a Prospective Pastor

It is not uncommon for a pastor to be opposed by the very people who at first enthusiastically promoted him. Why? Often it is because only surface communication took place between the potential pastor and the congregation before he assumed his position in the church. In our day it is possible for a...

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Written by Jim Elliff and Don Whitney
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 04:31

Love’s Order: Pursue Love – Pursue Edification – Part 2 – 1 Corinthians 14:20-40

imageAuthors: Pastor Jeff Seekins...

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Written by Pastor Jeff Seekins
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 04:20

Are ETs Actually Demons Masquerading as Aliens?

imageIn a few previous books I’ve written – Demons in Disguise and Nephilim Nightmare – I highlight the fact that Satan and his minions could very well be behind the entire extraterrestrial (ET) phenomenon. In many ways, it makes complete sense.

I’m certainly not the...

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Written by modres
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 03:48

Baptist Army Chaplain Faces Punishment for Religious Beliefs | Todd Starnes


A decorated Army chaplain is facing what his attorneys are calling a “career-ending punishment” after he explained to a soldier that he could not conduct a marriage retreat that included same sex couples.A military investigation at Fort Bragg determined Chaplain Scott Squires should be...

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Written by Kevin Schaal
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 03:34

NAR Leader Uses the Term NAR: Says NAR Will Converge with Evangelical Churches (i.e. NAR Isn’t a Conspiracy Theory)

imageApostle Joseph Mattera leader of US Coalition of Apostolic Leaders just used the term NAR in an article he wrote. Not only did he use the term, he also said NAR is going to converge with evangelical bible confessing denominations, and apostles will replace pastors as leaders.

I believe that the...

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Written by isnotsatire
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 03:06

Summer is nearly here, and the Smoky Mountains are calling for missions volunteers


Bill Black leads a Ski Worship service on the slopes of Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort. The year-round ministry operates in all kinds of weather, with the upcoming summer season being the greatest need for volunteers. Black is still seeking primarily church groups who can commit to a week of ministry...

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Written by Joe Westbury