But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed. And do not fear their intimidation, and do not be troubled, but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you yet with gentleness and reverence; and keep a good conscience so that in the thing in which you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ will be put to shame.  1 Peter 3: 14-16

WND » Linda Harvey - Apologetic Report
Friday, 21 June 2019 09:03

Act against the rainbow bullies

Written by

Have you had your fill of “pride” yet?

Corporations, government agencies, online sites, schools. AT&T, Walmart, Kellogg’s, Nationwide, Ikea. I was already on rainbow overload when I opened the mail.

An unmarked letter contained a flyer listing Bible verses ( “Love your...

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It’s bad enough that some libraries encourage little children to perch on the laps of transvestite males as they hear fables about well-adjusted homosexual families, in the so-called “Drag Queen Story Hours” featured in some communities.

And then those guys turn out to be convicted...

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Thursday, 23 May 2019 09:13

Top 10 ways to amend the Equality Act

Written by

Well, they did it. Nancy’s Pelosi’s rogue lawmakers passed the anti-Christian, anti-health, anti-morality, anti-child “Equality Act” (H.R. 5). And now it heads to the Senate – where timid, compromised Republicans wait to offer amendments they can hide behind. We can...

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Monday, 13 May 2019 09:03

Meet Joe Biden, 'LGBTQ' extremist

Written by

How quickly we forget. Joe Biden is not a “middle of the road” Democrat – if there is such a thing in the party of proud infanticide laws, anti-Semitic smears and approved invasion of our southern border.

Only short memories would occupy the “Joe Biden is a moderate”...

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It’s the rumbling sexual earthquake in this country, a moral and public health emergency few want to talk about.

It’s often the buried root beneath the screaming demands for “LGBTQ” rights, unrestricted access to abortion and the push to legalize prostitution.


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[Warning: Graphic content]

If you had plans to take your kids to downtown Cleveland over the weekend of April 25-28, don’t – unless you want them to receive a quick and nightmarish tutorial about where the “LGBTQ” agenda really takes America: into a filthy sewer.

That weekend,...

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Thursday, 28 March 2019 08:54

How 'Equality Act' opens back door to pedophilia

Written by

Jason is 13 and wants to date his male 21-year-old student teacher. If the “LGBT” Equality Act passes through Congress, the age of consent barrier may fall and allow him to do so.

Perhaps by now you’ve heard of the so-called Equality Act, a sweeping bill that would declare...

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Monday, 18 February 2019 07:43

More plans for mandating 'LGBT' deviance lessons

Written by

The door is now wide open in many public schools for corrupting teachers to enter and poison the minds and bodies of impressionable children.

Most teachers try to do what’s right, but with so-called “non-discrimination” school policies in place, sexually immoral adults or...

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There’s a lengthy, sordid history of the damage children suffer because of “progressive” values and policies. In 2018, the harm went beyond passive side effects.

The left is now brazenly cheering over the corruption, pain and heartbreak of children – and sometimes, their...

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A 13-year-old girl spends hours watching poison on YouTube. The dream of every parent? Hardly.

But many parents don’t see the unfolding tragedy until it’s too late.

It’s true that educational videos can be helpful, and many families deeply appreciate those that guide kids through...

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Monday, 12 November 2018 08:02

Witches at the abortion clinic

Written by

How deeply are abortion clinics connected to witchcraft?

Christians from all over Ohio who stood together to protest a “sacred blessing” ceremony at a Columbus, Ohio, abortion clinic Nov. 9 discovered that the volunteers and staff may be quite involved.

Biased news coverage from the Columb...

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Thursday, 08 November 2018 08:18

'Boy Erased' foments anti-Christian bigotry

Written by

Hooray for Hollywood! The cinematic dream masters are powerfully adept at making fantasy seem real. We get flying superheroes, cosmic meteor strikes, even an Emerald City.

And now, another fable – a tale of mean Christians forcing a boy to be un-“gay.”

In the dream worlds of...

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Thursday, 01 November 2018 09:23

Will new Trump regs really 'erase' drag queens?

Written by

A full-page ad in USA Today on Oct. 26 from the Human Rights Campaign screamed the homosexual lobby’s latest complaint: “We #WontBeErased – Because We Will Vote.”

Gigantic white, pink and blue streamers were unfurled at the Washington Mall earlier this week, and demonstrators...

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Monday, 29 October 2018 08:17

It's no accident children are drawn to Satanism

Written by

You may think you don’t have time to deal with your child’s obsession with astrology, weird internet games, horror movies or dark-themed music. Or that new book about cool teens who are witches.

Don’t dismiss it as just a phase. You need to make time and make some changes. Their...

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It’s not a Halloween horror flick, and it’s not some gruesome, colossal joke. Child mutilation and infant sacrifice are becoming so widespread in America that they are now considered sound health care and even “blessings” from God.

When are we going to wake up and end this...

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016 15:59

All are welcome, except Jesus

Written by

As discerning Americans process the horror of watching PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel proudly proclaim his homosexual preferences at the GOP convention podium, it’s time to decide what is welcomed into this party, and what is not.

Will the excellent pro-family GOP platform be ignored by Trump as president?

No party of conservatives should

Christian men are lined up on a beach in Libya and beheaded.

Are vocal anti-Christian activists – led by those who advocate homosexuality and gender confusion– at fault?

An ACLU staff attorney and others have blamed the Orlando massacre, committed by a man who shouted “Allahu Akbar,” on Christian conservatives.

Clearly, these

Do people who identify as homosexual or transgendered deserve to be shot in cold blood? Of course not. And when this happens, as it did on Sunday morning in Orlando, it’s a horrific and needless tragedy.

America is a nation of laws, and even though many conservative Christians oppose the normalization of sexually immoral behaviors, not one

Tuesday, 26 April 2016 16:09

Have sin-supporting companies lost their minds? Featured

Written by

It seems the majority of U.S companies have suddenly gone berserk, hotly defending the “right” of men to use female restrooms.

But are we to believe all their employees have obediently embraced homosexuality and gender-bending, and are also eager to deny the religious liberties of those who don’t?

Are so-called “LGBT”

Tuesday, 19 April 2016 16:01

U.S. kids are GLSEN puppets on 'Day of Silence'

Written by

GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, is using the allegedly student-led “Day of Silence” to raise money to lobby against laws like those passed recently in North Carolina and Mississippi.

The good news is that on the April 15 “Day of Silence,” many students and parents, even a few pastors, stood in

Tuesday, 12 April 2016 16:20

Are there 2 equal views on homosexuality?

Written by

Spring is in the air, and that means tulips are in bloom. Birds build their nests.

Homosexual activism explodes in our schools.

I got a call recently from a distraught aunt whose teen niece had “discovered” she’s a lesbian. A long-time close friendship with a very dominant girl three years her senior, her own compliant

Tuesday, 05 April 2016 16:17

'Day of Silence' elevates perversion, endangers kids Featured

Written by

On Friday, April 15, many schools in the U.S. will allow misinformed, even radicalized students and their teacher allies to conduct a “Day of Silence” (DOS).

And in the process, their peers will be exposed to unsafe and high-risk messages that put many in grave peril.

It’s a day when students remain silent in sympathy for those who

Tuesday, 15 March 2016 16:28

Gender anarchists and their bathroom battles

Written by

The movement to extract authentic gender identity from our children reminds me of the appalling Philip Pullman fiction series, also marketed to children.

Remember the movie “The Golden Compass,” based on the first Pullman book? It’s a chilling pagan fantasy tale with a worldview hostile to Christ.

The storyline centers around

Tuesday, 23 February 2016 16:47

'Grandma' shows up on SPLC 'hate' list

Written by

In light of recent news that the extremist Southern Poverty Law Center has added more groups to its “hate” list, here’s the experience of a guy named Sam.

Sam got a call from his elderly mother. “You’ll never believe what’s happened!” she exclaimed. “I think your dad and I have been put on some terror

Tuesday, 16 February 2016 16:52

When your son says, 'I'm a zebra!' Featured

Written by

If you worry your daughter Melissa may be drawn to the notion of becoming “Mike” instead, there’s another storm brewing for concerned parents.

How about the daughter who swears she’s a dolphin living in a human body?

The next special-interest group demanding “rights” may be humans who claim an animal identity.


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