But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed. And do not fear their intimidation, and do not be troubled, but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you yet with gentleness and reverence; and keep a good conscience so that in the thing in which you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ will be put to shame.  1 Peter 3: 14-16

Herescope - Apologetic Report
Tuesday, 13 June 2017 06:18

Universalism Trinitization Featured

Written by
Truths We Believe about God, Part 5 A Biblical & Theological Rejection of Wm. Paul Young’s book, Lies We Believe About God 

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Thursday, 08 June 2017 06:45

An Imaginary Cosmic Reality Featured

Written by
Truths We Believe about God, Part 4A Biblical & Theological Rejection of Wm. Paul Young’s book, Lies We Believe About GodPart 1: Truths We Believe About GodPart 2: Doing the Universalist TwistPart 3: OUR Way or THE Way?
By Pastor Larry DeBruyn
“My people know not the judgment of the...

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017 10:10

OUR Way or THE Way? Featured

Written by
Truths We Believe about God, Part 3
A Biblical & Theological Rejection* of Wm. Paul Young’s book, Lies We Believe About God
By Pastor Larry DeBruyn
“Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Hearken not unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto you: they make you vain: they speak a vision...

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Monday, 15 May 2017 02:06

Doing the Universalist Twist* Featured

Written by
Truths We Believe about God, Part 2  imageWm. Paul Young's website [emphasis in original]
A Biblical & Theological Refutation of Wm. Paul Young’s book, Lies We Believe About God
By Pastor Larry DeBruyn
Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation [&ld...

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017 04:47

Truths We Believe About God Featured

Written by
imagePart 1
The movie was released in the same time as Young's latest book
By Pastor Larry DeBruyn
A Biblical & Theological Refutation of Wm. Paul Young’s book, Lies We Believe About God
But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who...

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016 12:42

Rogue One Featured

Written by
imageExhibit: Rogue One official poster[1]
by Gaylene Goodroad
ANOTHER STAR WARS CHRISTMAS Like its mega-blockbuster distant sequel, The Force Awakens (2015), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, was strategically...

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Friday, 09 December 2016 15:07

The Marketing of Jesus Always Featured

Written by

imageThis page came up for "Jesus Always" in the Amazon.com search

Just in time for the holidays! A "Jesus" who especially speaks to women! 
By Sarah H. Leslie
Any book that puts words in the mouth of God (Jesus), other than the words of scripture, is giving those words authority they do not...

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Thursday, 01 December 2016 09:03

The Bethel Church Upgrade Featured

Written by
Unholy Signs & Cash Flows

imageBethel's example of Church working with Corporate and State
By Pastor Rod Page
“I dedicate this book to my children’s children’s children’s children. Though we will not meet until we get to heaven, I wanted you to know that I had you in mind as I...

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016 16:54

Discernment 101 Featured

Written by
How to Discern Truth from ErrorA new teaching series on DVD by Pastor Anton Bosch
A few months ago Discernment Ministries received a special request from a longtime supporter and active discerner. She was invited to teach a woman's Sunday School class in her local church and was in the process of...

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Monday, 17 October 2016 17:47

The Rise of End-Time Occultism E-Book Featured

Written by
THE RISE OF END-TIME OCCULTISM E-Booklet now available!
We have turned another popular Herescope article series, The Rise of End-Time Occultism, into an E-Booklet, available online as a free download at Gaylene Goodroad's blog: http://mylifeintheway.blogspot.com This book...

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Saturday, 08 October 2016 16:16

The Broad Way Unity Bridge Featured

Written by
Resetting the Reformation: Part 4
“Enter ye in at the strait gate:
for wide is the gate,
and broad is the way, that leadeth to...

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Monday, 03 October 2016 12:57

Unholy Alliances to the Apostate Bridge Featured

Written by
Resetting the Reformation: Part 3
Part 2: Betraying the Reformers - Betraying the Gospel
“And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven...

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016 10:34

Mainstreaming The Mystic 'Force' E-Book Featured

Written by
image"MAINSTREAMING THE MYSTIC FORCE"E-Booklet now available!
Gaylene Goodroad, author of the 5-part Herescope series describing the Mystic Force, has turned her article series into an E-booklet, available online as a free download at her blog: http://mylifeintheway.blogspo...

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Saturday, 10 September 2016 13:18

Quantum Charismatics and “Popping Qwiffs” Featured

Written by
Part 12CONCLUSION to ASerial Book Review & Theological Interaction[2] of The Physics of HeavenSummary:The book The Physics of Heaven(TPOH) boldly attempts to launch a new theology. Pastor Larry DeBruyn's 12-part series has provided our readers with a solid apologetic to refute both its pseudo-s...

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Monday, 25 July 2016 05:31

Church and State in America: Featured

Written by
The International AgendaDr. Martin Erdmann has just announced he is scheduling seminars across the country on the topic of “The international agenda of Church and State in America: an historical and religious analysis.” To read more about this click HERE and to schedule an event click on Contact.Regarding this topic, we have previously
Friday, 15 July 2016 17:22

Resetting the Reformation Featured

Written by

TOGETHER 2016: Unbiblical Unity on the National Mall 

“...a reset clears past errors and gets the system working...”“...we have downloaded the wrong files, corrupted the system...”~Nick Hall, Reset2016<!-- /* Font Definitions */ @font-face {font-family:"Cambria Math"; panose-1:2 4 5 3 5 4 6 3 2 4;

Sunday, 10 July 2016 08:59

Be Still and Know That You are Not God! Featured

Written by

—God is Not “in” Everyone and Everything 


IntroductionAs long as I've known Warren B. Smith he has been keeping a list. Back in the early 1990s when I first became acquainted with him he began to tell me about his unique New Age testimony. His fascinating story is recounted in his book The Light That Was Dark: From the New

Monday, 20 June 2016 16:28

Are You Stinking Selfish ? Featured

Written by
OR... maybe you are Mega-Funded?
When I hear adults say, ‘I don’t like a big church. I like about 200. I wanna be able to know everybody.’ I say you are so stinkin’ selfish. You care nothing about the next generation. All you care about is you and your five friends. You don’t care about your kids, anybody
Tuesday, 31 May 2016 11:54


Written by

Part 2Read Part 1: Slackerly Sloths 

 “The sluggard is wiser in his own conceit than seven men that can render a reason.”(Prov. 26:16)

Strong's H6102: עָצֵל ʻâtsêl, aw-tsale'; from H6101; indolent:—slothful, sluggard.[1]


sluggard (n.) late 14c., late 13c. as a surname,

Thursday, 19 May 2016 18:36

Azusa or Pentecost? Featured

Written by
Now, Then or Later?
By Pastor Gary Osborne
“In the last days I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh.”(Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17)
I'm unashamedly a Christian that believes God is still pouring out His Spirit on all flesh. I believe that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is as real and valid today as it was nearly 2,000 years ago on the day of
Saturday, 14 May 2016 15:44

Nudge Not Lest Ye Be Nudged

Written by
The Word of God is Clear… Until it’s Not 
Commentary by Pastor Jim Jenkins
I love Fridays. There are predictable events. They will offer clam chowder at your favorite restaurant. Perhaps it is pizza night. School’s out for the weekend and… The mullahs are whipping up the obligatory
Wednesday, 11 May 2016 09:32

Slackerly Sloths

Written by

“Concerning whom we have many things to speak, and difficult to be explained, seeing you are become slothfulin hearing[or dull of hearing]”(Hebrews 5:11)[1] 

sloth (n.) late 12c., "indolence, sluggishness," formed from Middle English slou, slowe (see slow (adj.)) + abstract formative -th (2). Replaced Old English slæw&eth

Tuesday, 26 April 2016 17:06

He still hasn’t found what he’s looking for Featured

Written by
Bono meets Eugene Peterson 
By Pastor Jim Jenkins 
It’s entirely possible to look at something so long that you can’t really see it anymore. For years I have been calling people back to simple faith in the inerrancy of God’s Word. I’ve been
Thursday, 17 March 2016 09:26

Mind-Numbing Narratives Featured

Written by

Beware of Postmodern Fables


“And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”(2 Timothy 4:4)

What are narratives and how do they work? Are you aware of the narratives invented, incited and regurgitated by the media? Are you cognizant of the narratives spouted by political pundits, both Left and Right?


Tuesday, 08 March 2016 14:05


Written by
“Overthrowing a Government”[1]Part 2Read Part 1: 7 Mountain Politics and Theology
By Dr. Orrel Steinkamp and Sarah H. Leslie
“For the time will soon come for the Ancient of Days to make a judgment in favor of the Saints. At that time all the power and authority that Christ obtained for the Church will be given to the Saints to take
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