But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed. And do not fear their intimidation, and do not be troubled, but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you yet with gentleness and reverence; and keep a good conscience so that in the thing in which you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ will be put to shame.  1 Peter 3: 14-16

Latest Headlines: - Apologetic Report
Saturday, 30 November 2019 17:00

Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Near-Death Isn’t Death

December 1, 2019
One of the most obvious pieces of misinformation promoted by Satan through so-called “clinical death” is that those who return can tell us what it means to die. The very name given to this phenomenon...

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Written by TBC Staff - CR
Saturday, 30 November 2019 16:00

WHI-1495 | The Identity of the Beloved Disciple


Though most people throughout church history have assumed that the Gospel of John was written by the Apostle John, as we’ve seen throughout our year-long study of this amazing text, this is actually an open question even among conservative scholars. On this...

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Written by WHI Admin
Saturday, 30 November 2019 16:00

White as Snow

“I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” (

Authors: Days of Praise from ICR...

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Written by Days of Praise from ICR
Saturday, 30 November 2019 15:12


SCRIPTURE SUNDAY SERIES INTRODUCTION Sadly, many professing Christian pastors and teachers today teach that the Old Testament is no longer important or relevant. However, Jesus often quoted from the Old Testament, and Scripture in the New Testament clearly shows us the importance of the Old...

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Written by Mary/Living For His Glory
Saturday, 30 November 2019 14:39

A Major Problem For The Jehovah's Witness Belief That Jesus Is Michael The Archangel

  • Discussion:
          -The Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Interlinear Translation renders Hebrews 1:3 as follows:          "[Jesus] is the reflection of [God’s] glory and the exact representation of his very being."       ...

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Written by Jesse
Saturday, 30 November 2019 14:05

December 1: School Family Catechist WSC Q. 65 66

imageTHE SCHOOL & FAMILY CATECHISTby Rev. William Smith (1834)

The Westminster Shorter Catechism, Questions 65 & 66.

Q. 65.What is forbidden in the fifth commandment?

A. The fifth commandment forbiddeth the neglecting of, or doing any thing against the honor and duty which belongeth to every...

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Written by Wayne Sparkman
Saturday, 30 November 2019 13:32

Advent Sunday Praise

Behold, the days are coming, declares the LORD, when I will fulfill the promise I made to the house of Israel and the house of Judah. In those days and at that time I will cause a righteous Branch to spring up for David, and he shall execute justice and righteousness in the land.In those...

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Written by E Benz
Saturday, 30 November 2019 13:00

The Law And The Gospel Featured

For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. — James 2:10

The moral law does not consider us as weak human beings at all, it takes no account of our heredity and infirmities, it demands that we be absolutely moral. The moral law never alters,...

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Written by Classic RSS Feed | My Utmost For His Highest
Saturday, 30 November 2019 12:19

Heidelcast 132: I Am That I Am (9): The Attributes Of God

In this episode we turn our attention from the doctrine of the Trinity to the divine attributes. Of course, in God, there are not attributes since God is what he is. Francis Turretin called the attributes “the essential properties by which [God] makes . . . Continue reading →


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Written by R. Scott Clark
Saturday, 30 November 2019 10:06

Former Megachurch Pastor Refuses to Answer Question About His Sexuality, Says He’s “Very Comfortable” With It

You may remember that Reformation Charlotte broke the story in July that Joshua Harris, the former Purity Culture megachurch pastor, renounced his

The post Former Megachurch Pastor Refuses to Answer Question About His Sexuality, Says He’s “Very Comfortable” With It appeare...

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Written by Jeff Maples
Saturday, 30 November 2019 09:42

Contemporary Critical Theory: A Self-Defeating Theory with Tower of Babel Roots

In this episode, I rant about Contemporary Critical Theory and it’s Ancient Near-East roots and association with the Tower of

The post Contemporary Critical Theory: A Self-Defeating Theory with Tower of Babel Roots appeared first on Reformation Charlotte.

Authors: Ed Dingess...

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Written by Ed Dingess
Saturday, 30 November 2019 08:48

Two kinds of Christians

One of the striking things about many apostates, at least militant apostates like Bart Ehrman, is how easily they make the adjustment to life as an atheist. They don't think they put much behind them when they put Christianity behind them.
This goes to a related issue. You can have two Christians...

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Written by steve
Saturday, 30 November 2019 08:20

VOR Rewind – What Does it Mean to Believe? Featured

On this rewind episode, Chris and Rich discuss what it means to believe in Christ. Is it a simple mental assent and agreement, or does the Bible reveal there is something more to it than that?


Show Links:

True Belief – John MacArthur (sermon)

The post VOR Rewind – What Does it Mean...

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Written by Chris Hohnholz
Saturday, 30 November 2019 06:07

Voice of the Father (Hugh of St. Victor) Featured


In his work On the Three Days, Hugh of St. Victor considers some pretty profound trinitarian theology, giving special attention to how the Father loves the Son. It’s a complex meditation, and maybe all I need to say is that it is very Augustinian, and very invested in recognizing that since...

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Written by Fred Sanders
Saturday, 30 November 2019 04:33

Walking on water

A Facebook exchange I had with Lydia. There are some other participants as well. 
I am inclined to think that when Jesus says, “It is I” in Mark 6:50 he is merely trying to calm the disciples’ fears, not to make an “I am” claim to deity.
While it's true...

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Written by steve
Saturday, 30 November 2019 04:09

Contemporary Critical Theory: A Self-Defeating Theory with Tower of Babel Roots

In this episode, I rant about Contemporary Critical Theory and it’s Ancient Near-East roots and association with the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11.

The post Contemporary Critical Theory: A Self-Defeating Theory with Tower of Babel Roots appeared first on Reformed Reasons.

Authors: edingess...

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Written by edingess
Saturday, 30 November 2019 03:56

In Defense of a Faithful Minister


One of the reasons the Puritans wrote a number of polemical works pertaining to sanctification, particularly with respect to law, good works and salvation, was to defend faithful ministers and churches. That reason remains true today and I want to take the opportunity to say a few words in defense...

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Written by Meet the Puritans
Saturday, 30 November 2019 02:30

Late November 2019 Presuppositional Apologetics’ Links

Written by SLIMJIM
Saturday, 30 November 2019 02:05

Men: Do You Get Angry at Your Wives? Featured


Married men: don’t pretend to have a glowing testimony in the church when you have wicked outbursts of anger against your wife. Don’t try to hide it or justify it, but rather confess it and put it to death.

Excerpt is taken from the full sermon, “Good Anger and Bad Anger“.


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Written by Tim Conway
Saturday, 30 November 2019 02:00

Exceptions and Loopholes


The downward spiral we are now riding when it comes to sexual ethics did not begin with Obergefell. It did not begin in the homosexual enclaves and bath houses. Homosexuals did not want to participate in the great marriage joke until after heterosexuals had turned it into the great...

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Written by Douglas Wilson
Saturday, 30 November 2019 01:59

SATAN Wants to Teach Your Children How to Summon His Demons


And we thought that the Ouija Board was evil.

Well, the Ouija Board is just as evil as it has ever been, but now a book has been published, tailored to children; instructing them on how to summon Satan’s fallen angels.

They are DEMONS. Somehow, fallen angels doesn’t quite describe these...

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Written by Geri Ungurean
Saturday, 30 November 2019 01:46

Reading It Rightly (James Renihan) Featured

This is the final part of James Renihan's essay on the scope of theology. Read part one here, and part two here. Scope as a Theological Tool There is another function of scopus, already alluded to, but which now deserves at least brief treatment. This is its theological use. We...

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Written by Reformation21 Blog
Saturday, 30 November 2019 01:20

Deer Camp Meditations


Growing up in Western Pennsylvania, the first Monday after Thanksgiving was an important holiday--maybe even the most important one! Schools were closed. Diners opened really early. Orange was the color of the liturgy.By day’s end, majestic deer hung in trees of the most blessed.  The...

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Written by Nathan Eshelman
Saturday, 30 November 2019 00:03

Church: A Waste of Time? (Bavinck)

image Herman Bavinck wrote the following words around 1890 in Holland, but they are quite relevant to our situation in the United States in the year 2019:

Humility, as is rightly said, is the garment that always suits us… Humility must be our home and traveling and wedding and mourning...

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Written by Reformed Reader
Friday, 29 November 2019 23:48

Weekly Bonus Links 11/24-11/30

image Logos Free logos software and book of the month Kindle Deals 20 Compelling Evidences That God Exists by Kenneth Boa and Robert M. Bowman, Jr.- $1.99 More Than A Carpenter by Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell- $2.96 Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary- $3.99 We Cannot Be Silent by Albert...

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Written by Alex Arndt
Friday, 29 November 2019 23:37

Interview with Graham I. Davies

The T & T Clark blog has an interesting interview here with Graham I. Davies related to his new ICC commentary on Exodus 1–18.

Authors: BibleX...

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Written by BibleX
Friday, 29 November 2019 23:00

How to be an alpha male and signal manliness without being a promiscuous predator

imageTelling a woman how to make wise decisions protects her

These days, there seems to be a perception that in order to be an alpha male, you have to become a pick-up artist and sleep with a whole bunch of fatherless women, then ghost them (don’t talk to them any more). But as a Christian man,...

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Written by Wintery Knight
Friday, 29 November 2019 22:51

A Theology of Christmas Presents (1)


During this Advent season, I want to spend some time in a series of messages working through a theology of Christmas presents. Quite a number of you are going to be spending quite a bit of time on this aspect of your Christmas celebrations, and so—as Christians who seek to bring...

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Written by Douglas Wilson
Friday, 29 November 2019 22:49

Passion in the Pulpit

Steven J. Lawson’s Expositor podcast is one of my favorite podcasts, and the podcast that I enjoy listening to the most. From this podcast, there’s a series of episodes that stand out from the rest. In these sessions, Dr. Lawson talks about passion as an indispensable quality of true,...

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Written by Nate
Friday, 29 November 2019 20:42

Humility, Not Hubris, Leads to Greatness


“If you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel.”Bono, U2

When many Christians go to work, they enter an arena of constant striving—for more pay, more power, more Twitter followers.

Now that I work in a corporate bureaucracy, this striving is systematized: every...

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Written by J.K. Wall
Friday, 29 November 2019 20:31

4 Gifts a Preacher will have

From How Sermons Work by David Murray (loc. 76-89) A sinner supplied with the gifts of God Not only is the preacher saved by God’s grace, and sent by God’s grace, but he is also gifted by God’s grace. A man can be gifted without being called and sent, but a man cannot be called...

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Written by Nate
Friday, 29 November 2019 20:00

What C. S. Lewis Can Teach Us about Youth Ministry

November 30, 2019 by: Harry Lee Poe

A Case Study

C. S. Lewis provides a case study of what is missing from most youth ministries in the United States. When he was a teenager, he was the kid that would not have had a place in most youth ministries. During his teenage years, C. S. Lewis...

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Written by Harry Lee Poe
Friday, 29 November 2019 19:33

Thirty Days of Jesus Repeat, Day 5: The Babe has arrived! Featured

By Elizabeth PrataAnd the Babe has arrived!
A drawing my second grade student drew and gave me:
Nativity, by Gari Melchers. The exhaustion of Mary, the pondering of Joseph, the light coming from the lamp, or is it the Babe?
Answers in Genesis: Separating myth from biblical fact, No Room For an InnGotQu...

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Written by The End Time
Friday, 29 November 2019 19:04

Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! - News Views - 11/30/19


As part of his progressive agenda, Francis will soon be adding sins against the ecology to the Catholic catechism. Catholics are taught they must successfully obey the Ten Commandments and church...

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Written by Tom
Friday, 29 November 2019 19:00

Celebrate the Gospel Message at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum This Christmas


I’m excited to announce that today is the first day of our 2019 Christmas programs! Join with us in celebrating the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ during ChristmasTime at the Ark Encounter and ChristmasTown at the Creation Museum, in Northern Kentucky. Thousands of individuals and...

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Written by Ken Ham
Friday, 29 November 2019 19:00

Psalm 119:137-140 — Zeal + Ignorance = Worthless Religion Featured

In Romans 10:2-4, Paul criticizes the Israelites for having a zeal for God but not according to knowledge. It is not that they didn't know who God is or that they worshipped the wrong God. No, Paul's admonition is that the Israelites knew God, but didn't comprehend His righteousness. Thus,...

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Written by Michael Coughlin
Friday, 29 November 2019 18:51

Never a Christ-Absent Day


“Do not be afraid,” the prophet answered.

“Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see.” Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the...

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Written by Scotty Smith
Friday, 29 November 2019 18:00

Why John Calvin Believed the Bible Is the Word of God Featured

In this brief clip from his teaching series A Survey of Church History, W. Robert Godfrey explains why John Calvin believed that the Bible is the Word of God. Watch this entire message for free.


So Calvin in chapter eight of Book one of the Institutes is saying, there are plenty of reasons...

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Written by Nathan W. Bingham
Friday, 29 November 2019 18:00

News Weakly - 11/30/19

Don't Bother Me With FactsLast week Attorney Manfred Nowak's U.N. report titled "Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty" hit the airwaves and the world, us included, went crazy. According to Nowak, the U.S. currently has more than 100,000 children in migration-related detention. That's evil....

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Written by Winging It
Friday, 29 November 2019 16:02

Weekly Roundup 11/25/2019-11/30/2019

This is our weekly roundup of posts for 11/25/2019-11/30/2019. If you have any feedback on how we can serve you our readers better, I would appreciate it. Thank you for reading and allowing us to minister to you throughout this past week through these posts. Monday 11/25/2019 Derek Thomas- John...

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Written by Dave Jenkins
Friday, 29 November 2019 16:01

Weekly Roundup of Links 11/25/2019-11/30/2019

This is our weekly roundup of links for 11/25/2019-11/30/2019 from around the web. We hope you find the following articles helpful to your growth in godliness. Our writing team writes all over the internet for a variety of publications like Desiring God, TGC, and much here. Giving Thanks when Your...

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Written by Dave Jenkins
Friday, 29 November 2019 16:00

Five Commands

“Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” (1 Peter 1:13) In our text and the succ... More...

Authors: Days of Praise from ICR...

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Written by Days of Praise from ICR
Friday, 29 November 2019 15:49

Weekend A La Carte (November 30)


Good morning from Lusaka, Zambia, where today I am scheduled to speak at the graduation ceremonies for African Christian University

I’ve put together a list of a few Kindle deals that might interest you.

Door-To-Door With a Difference

This article contains some good and honest ideas...

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Written by Tim Challies
Friday, 29 November 2019 15:05

Do Occurrences Of Brain Damage Refute The Immateriality Of The Soul?

        Critics of mind-body dualism (the position that the mind is immaterial, body is physical, and both are separable) argue that changes in brain function rule out the existence of a soul. It is claimed that instances of the brain influencing our behavior prove consciousness...

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Written by Jesse
Friday, 29 November 2019 14:05

November 30: John Geddie

We Don’t Do Evangelism!

A speaker over the phone actually said the words of our title to a friend of this author. She was shocked, and so was I upon hearing it. Have they snipped out by scissors the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18 – 20? The very existence of our...

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Written by Wayne Sparkman
Friday, 29 November 2019 14:00

Winds: Wallpaper


"Consider how He has loved you and given Himself for you! Do you know the power of that love? Then let it be like a rushing, mighty wind to your soul to sweep out the clouds of your worldliness and clear away the mists of sin." - C.H. Spurgeon

What is my screen resolution?

Click Below to Download...

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Written by TFL
Friday, 29 November 2019 13:00

By The Grace Of God I Am What I Am Featured

His grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain. — 1 Corinthians 15:10

The way we continually talk about our own inability is an insult to the Creator. The deploring of our own incompetence is a slander against God for having overlooked us. Get into the habit of examining in the...

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Written by Classic RSS Feed | My Utmost For His Highest
Friday, 29 November 2019 10:13

ONE WORLD RELIGION: Pope Francis Traveled To Thailand And Presented Buddhist Supreme Patriarch With ‘Declaration On Human Fraternity’ Peace Covenant Of Chrislam

Pope Francis met with His Holiness Somdej Phra Maga Muneewong at the Wat Ratchabophit Sathit Maha Simaram Temple in Bangkok, during a six-day Asian trip to Thailand and Japan.

We showed you how Pope Francis travelled to Abu Dhabi earlier this year and entered into a covenant with Sheikh Ahmed...

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Written by Geoffrey Grider
Friday, 29 November 2019 10:05

The Secret

“The secret of preaching is not mastering certain techniques but being mastered by certain convictions”

Stott, The Challenge of Preaching, p. 12

The post The Secret appeared first on Blog & Mablog.

Authors: Douglas Wilson...

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Written by Douglas Wilson
Friday, 29 November 2019 10:00

The Voice of Modest Experience

“Rourke had delivered at least three babies in the back seats of cars and taxi cabs, and thought he was qualified to assert that there was nothing whatever that was natural about it. It was the craziest thing in the world. Women were the kind of people that peoplecame out of, for crying out...

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Written by Douglas Wilson