But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed. And do not fear their intimidation, and do not be troubled, but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you yet with gentleness and reverence; and keep a good conscience so that in the thing in which you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ will be put to shame.  1 Peter 3: 14-16

Latest Headlines: - Apologetic Report
Friday, 29 May 2020 02:38

The Best Thing You Could Do This Summer

We are about to embark on another summer of reading through the New Testament. If you are like many other Christians, you know that this is a good thing to do, but you may not be exactly sure why. This is quite all right as far as it goes. There are many things that are good for us that we do...

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Written by Douglas Wilson
Friday, 29 May 2020 02:27

Do the Right Thing (1989)

image In a perfect world, Do the Right Thing is a movie that should not exist. The ideal world would be without the things demonstrated in the film: anger, prejudice, racism. Yet that is the world we live in, and have before the late 80s and still to this day. The list of names belonging to lives lost...

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Written by Mark Lester
Friday, 29 May 2020 02:16

In Effort to Fight Racism, Black Leftists Take Out Anger on Black Business-Owners

In the wake of the horrific death George Floyd, rioting, vandalism, violence, and looting have ensued in the city of Minneapolis, MN. Despite your politics, religion, or ethnicity, most sane people should be able to agree that this response is not only unhelpful but illegal and every person...

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Written by Jeff Maples
Friday, 29 May 2020 02:08

A Surprise Dividing Line! John 6:44-45, John 6:65: Exegesis and Application

Decided to squeeze a DL in today, just an hour in length. John 6:44-45, 65, considered in light of the Provisionist controversy. Enjoy!

The Dividing Line is on YouTube video. Our YouTube channel also provides videos of most of the debates that Dr. White has done over the years. Take some time and...

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Written by James White
Friday, 29 May 2020 01:12

Ravi Zacharias Memorial Service

The Prince of Apologists - Ravi Zacharias A Tribute to Ravi. I have learned from the Prince of Apologists for years. Watching for a minute or for an hour, you will be impacted by Ravi's powerful messages. Posted by Eric Hovind on Friday, May 29, 2020

Authors: Eric Hovind...

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Written by Eric Hovind
Friday, 29 May 2020 00:51

Virtual Africa day prayer meeting – a NAR affair. Featured

By Rick Becker  29 May 2020

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) has poisoned many of the influential leaders in the visible church in South Africa, and sadly, one of the most significant voices in South Africa’s leadership – Chief Justice Mogoeng. The Chief Justice hosted a virtual...

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Written by Rick Becker
Friday, 29 May 2020 00:47

On How to Make a Decision (Or On How Not to Make a Decision)

Last summer we put our house on the market for a month and there was nary a nibble on it. I despaired. I’m not embarrassed to tell you. I’m an introverted homebody who works from home and was having to vacate the house every day most of the day for showings, only to be met with the...

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Written by Lore Wilbert
Friday, 29 May 2020 00:46

What Is Sin?

Sin condemns the soul to Hell and destroys everything it touches. Only faith in Jesus Christ can remove the eternal penalty of sin and restore fellowship with God. Learn the Biblical definition of sin so you can avoid it. There is a lot of confusion about what sin is today. Make sure you know what...

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Written by admin
Friday, 29 May 2020 00:36

Andreas Köstenberger on the Gospel of John

Andreas Köstenberger has videos here of talks that he did on the Gospel of John during two yearly For The Church Workshops in 2019 and 2020 hosted by Midwestern Seminary.

Authors: BibleX...

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Written by BibleX
Friday, 29 May 2020 00:34

Arizona School Districts to Tape Off Plastic Partitions Between Children in Classrooms This Fall

What if school administrators were so stupid that they thought taping off plastic barriers between desks in children’s classrooms was a good idea. Wait…they are that stupid. North Carolina’s state government has already announced plans to make elementary school kids wear masks,...

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Written by Jeff Maples
Friday, 29 May 2020 00:15

How Verifiability Separates Christianity from Every Other Religious Worldview (Video)

What is the one distinctive difference between the Christian faith and other world religions? How should this critical difference guide us as we share Christianity with others? In this clip from J. Warner’s class on the Resurrection (offered at Southern Evangelical Seminary), J. Warner...

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Written by J. Warner
Friday, 29 May 2020 00:00

What if you only had four minutes to defend Israel’s attack on the Canaanites?

image“Questioning the Bible” by Jonathan Morrow

Jonathan Morrow is giving you just four minutes to respond to a well-known challenge to belief in the Christian God.

Can you handle it?

If not, here is a podcast to help you get ready.


Is the God of the Old Testament violent and...

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Written by Wintery Knight
Thursday, 28 May 2020 23:52

Why Did the ‘Liberal Leaning’ Media Turn Even Further to the Left? An Important Article from the Former President of CBS News Featured

When we use the word "media," we invoke the plural form of the word "medium"-and we are usually talking about a means of communication. In our contemporary times, when we say media we usually mean television, broadcast, print, and digital journalism.... The post Why Did the...

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Written by R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
Thursday, 28 May 2020 23:50

What Does It Mean That “by His Wounds We Are Healed”? Featured


Does Isaiah 53:5 promise physical healing for Christians? From one of our Ask R.C. events, R.C. Sproul explains how the atonement of Jesus relates to the ultimate healing of God’s people.

Do you have another biblical or theological question? Ask Ligonier is your place for answers.

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Written by Nathan W. Bingham
Thursday, 28 May 2020 23:48

Campus Crusade Holding a Segregated Event to Fight “Racial Injustice”

Sometimes, you just can’t make this stuff up. One would think that if leftists were serious about racial reconciliation — a term used by intersectionalitists and Cultural Marxists to foster angst and skepticism between racial groups — that one wouldn’t perpetuate a state of...

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Written by Jeff Maples
Thursday, 28 May 2020 23:47

We Are All Exiles Now


Exile is one of the big themes of the Bible. From Adam and Even being exiled from the Garden, to the exiles of the Israelites in Egypt and later Babylon, to Peter’s letter to the “elect exiles” dispersed by New Testament-era persecution.

Yet for a long time, I never related to it....

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Written by J.K. Wall
Thursday, 28 May 2020 23:43

Andrew Fuller Friday: On the Vanity of a Life of Pleasure

The following extract from a letter of a late nobleman, of loose principles, well known in the gay world, and published as authentic by a respectable prelate, deceased, will show the dreadful vacancy and wretchedness of a mind left to itself in the decline of life, and unsupported by Christian...

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Written by Staff
Thursday, 28 May 2020 23:37

Tim Chaffey: Authority of the Bible; Relevance of Genesis, Creation Museum

Daily podcast, relevant articles on issues pertaining to Christians and more can be found on Stand Up For The Truth. [More on standupforthetruth.com]

Authors: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Duration: 3194 secondsSize: 36.56 Mb...

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Written by comments@standupforthetruth.com
Thursday, 28 May 2020 23:30

Natural Law from Noah to Milton Friedman: A Review of David Vandrunen, “Politics after Christendom”

In recent decades, Protestant theologians have rightly restored Natural Law to its vaunted place in their ethical and theological lexicon. Among those legions to be credited with restoring it is David VanDrunen, Robert B. Strimple Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics at Westminster...

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Written by Justin Hawkins
Thursday, 28 May 2020 23:29

Discussing Ken Wilson’s Work, Part 9 – Breaking The Silence of Augustine



Recently, Dr. James White has been interacting quite a bit with Dr. Ken Wilson’s book (and dissertation) regarding Augustine’s “conversion” to a predestinarian. As I have been reading much of Augustine’s work lately as well as...

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Written by Chris Whisonant
Thursday, 28 May 2020 23:22

Masculine and Feminine Study Bibles!? (Byrd)


I just finished Aimee Byrd’s latest book, Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. It was a good read! Concerning the title, I admit that I’m not very familiar with the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. I’ve heard of it, but I’ve not read any of their...

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Written by Reformed Reader
Thursday, 28 May 2020 23:00

Worlds of Creation: Uranus

The ancient world knew of planets – the five wandering stars that moved with respect to the background stars.  The invention of the telescope allowed Galileo to discover that Jupiter had moons – proving that not everything orbits Earth.  This led to the realization that Earth...

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Written by Dr. Lisle
Thursday, 28 May 2020 22:37

Top 5 books I’d recommend (plus 5 more) Featured

By Elizabeth Prata
Yesterday a friend who is doing a project asked me to list top five books I would recommend every Christian to read. I asked, 'modern or older' and he said maybe make two lists, one for each. That's great because I had a hard time excising my 6th book from the top 5 already, lol.I...

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Written by The End Time
Thursday, 28 May 2020 21:59

As Radical Leftists Destroy Minneapolis, President Trump Threatens to Send National Guard

In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd who died in a hospital after a police officer used excessive force against him while investigating a report for forgery, Minneapolis is literally being destroyed by anarchists who, in their own words, demand justice. Interestingly, those who are...

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Written by Jeff Maples
Thursday, 28 May 2020 21:15

Bible Contradiction? How did Peter and Andrew become Jesus’s disciples?


For today’s post we will tackle the question the Skeptic Annotated Bible asked: How did Peter and Andrew become Jesus’s disciples?

Here are the two answers which the skeptic believes indicate a Bible contradiction:

Jesus called them directly as they were fishing on the Sea of...

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Written by SLIMJIM
Thursday, 28 May 2020 21:00

What Is Music to God’s Ears?


Take away from me the noise of your songs;

to the melody of your harps I will not listen. But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. Amos 5:23–24

Heavenly Father, these are strong words about true worship, and what you crave from us, as your daughters...

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Written by Scotty Smith
Thursday, 28 May 2020 21:00

Understanding Anger

Emotions: God’s and Man’s

The Bible is full of descriptions of emotions: both God’s and man’s. God has revealed this aspect of Himself to us. He has revealed His emotion’s to us, so that we can learn from them so that we may honor and glorify Him in all aspects of...

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Written by M. Ashley Evans
Thursday, 28 May 2020 21:00

Is There A God? | Fast Friday (128)

"Is There A God?" Your answer to this will affect everything about your life.  The answer? There is a God. But with all the religions out there, which God is real? Thank God we don't have to guess.—he's revealed himself. The God who exists is the God of the Bible.

Get the full show notes...

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Written by Joel Settecase
Thursday, 28 May 2020 20:59

Answering the rebuttals of a Catholic apologist – Halfway Index

imageAfter 25 weeks, I thought we’d take a break in our “Answering the rebuttals of a Catholic apologist” 50-week series with this index of the 25 topics we’ve addressed so far. I’ll also post a complete index after we finish the series. I really appreciate everyone’s...


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Written by Tom
Thursday, 28 May 2020 20:15

Fauci: Gays Can Hook Up on Grindr, But No Church Communion

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many are wondering what activities are safe to resume at this point and what are not. At the top of the list are questions regarding the free and unhindered practice of religion in this country — something afforded to us in the First Amendment of the...

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Written by Jeff Maples
Thursday, 28 May 2020 20:00

What Are We to Think?

Well, it has happened again. Another "Christian singer" has defected, has "deconverted," has declared his allegiance to "no God." He's done it in typical "deconversion" style by not only saying, "I don't believe anymore," but adding, "And neither should you." Or, to put it more clearly, "I no...

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Written by Winging It
Thursday, 28 May 2020 20:00

Guest Post: A Review of Thomas Coutouzis’ “Agonizing for the Faith” Featured

imageGuest Post: A Review of Thomas Coutouzis' "Agonizing for the Faith"

Authors: Michelle Lesley...

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Written by Michelle Lesley
Thursday, 28 May 2020 20:00

Book Review — Passionate About The Passion Week (Part 1: The Good) Featured

Dr. William Varner is a well-established Master’s University professor and experienced linguist. His exegetical and historical skill is fairly known among those within the biblical linguistics community, and those who have heard him speak at the seminary, or as a guest speaker. Nevertheless,...

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Written by George Alvarado
Thursday, 28 May 2020 19:50

Really Bad Reviews of Really Good Books


One of the great benefits of the internet is the way it can give everyone an equal voice. Of course one of the great drawbacks of the internet (for there is no great technological advancement that doesn’t come with both benefits and drawbacks) is the way it can give everyone an equal voice....

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Written by Tim Challies
Thursday, 28 May 2020 19:40

A La Carte (May 29)


There are a few fairly minor Kindle deals to look at today.

Westminster books has a couple of noteworthy deals: Together Through the Storms, a book about marriage; and a new series of booklets for students.

Defeating Despair

Tim Pasma writes about the creeping sense of despair so many are...

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Written by Tim Challies
Thursday, 28 May 2020 19:31

Revelation, Coronavirus, and the Mark of the Beast: How Should Christians Read the Bible’s Most Fascinating Book? (Part 2)


Earlier in the week I started a three-part series on how to read the book of Revelation. We will get to the mark of the beast next week, but first, an explanation of what Revelation says about itself.

You can tell a lot about a book by its introduction. Read the first few sentences of a fairy tale,...

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Written by Kevin DeYoung
Thursday, 28 May 2020 19:00

Sovereign Grace in the Wilderness Featured


Unhindered by man and unrestricted by Satan, the sovereign grace of God irresistibly overcomes every obstacle to the salvation of His chosen ones. The conditions in the lives of the elect do not have to be just right in order for God to bring them to Himself. Whether it is during the high times of...

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Written by Steven J. Lawson
Thursday, 28 May 2020 19:00

Twelve Memorable Quotes by G.K. Chesterton

If C.S. Lewis is the Protestant apologist beloved by both Catholics and Protestants, G.K. Chesterton is the Catholic apologist adored by both groups as well.

Chesterton grew up in London and had a very successful career as a journalist, novelist, poet, literary critic, and lay theologian....

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Written by Elise Daniel
Thursday, 28 May 2020 18:08

The Messianic Feast Featured

Some thoughts on the Messianic banquet:

We all like to eat. And most of us enjoy dining in community. The Bible actually speaks quite often about food, about eating, about feasts, and about dining with others. Both Testaments speak to these things repeatedly. Tasting, eating and feasting is just...

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Written by Bill Muehlenberg
Thursday, 28 May 2020 18:00

The Crucial Point

“But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.” (Galatians 6:14) Whenever people speak of &ldqu... More...

Authors: Days of Praise from ICR...

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Written by Days of Praise from ICR
Thursday, 28 May 2020 18:00

Nuggets from Occult Invasion

May 29, 2020
Public trust and media support for this profession continue in spite of the fact that its ranks shelter more moral, emotional, and behavioral problems than any other. One out of four psychologists has suicidal feelings at times. Bruno Bettelheim, Paul Federn,...

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Written by TBC Staff - CT
Thursday, 28 May 2020 17:03

#10: Faithful unto Death[Sermon]

Join Dave as continues our Revelation series looking at Revelation 2:8-11.  

The post #10: Faithful unto Death[Sermon] appeared first on Servants of Grace.

Authors: Dave Jenkins

Duration: 2679 secondsSize: 102.2 Mb...

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Written by Dave Jenkins
Thursday, 28 May 2020 17:03

Entertained or Edified?


Recently I watched an intriguing YouTube video by bass player and composer Adam Neely called “Learning to Like Contemporary Christian Music (the music I hate).” Adam takes us on a interesting journey as he studies the style and form of some of the big names in modern contemporary...

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Written by Cameron Pollock
Thursday, 28 May 2020 17:02

Daily Bites Of God’s Word on Hebrews 4:14-16

On this new Daily Bites of God’s Word, Andy discusses Psalm 139 and helps us understand what this chapter means and it’s importance.

The post Daily Bites Of God’s Word on Hebrews 4:14-16 appeared first on Servants of Grace.

Authors: Andy Cain...

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Written by Andy Cain
Thursday, 28 May 2020 17:01

Our True Master

Colossians 3:22-24, “22 Bondservants, obey in everything those who are your earthly masters, not by way of eye-service, as people-pleasers, but with sincerity of heart, fearing the Lord. 23 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, 24 knowing that from...

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Written by Dave Jenkins
Thursday, 28 May 2020 17:00

Corona Conflicts


Are you a lockdown sceptic or a social distancing maximiser? The longer the corona-crisis goes on the more tensions mount between those who want to move on and others who want to hunker down.

This is being played out at a global and national level in arguments between politicians, journalists and...

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Written by Matthew Hosier
Thursday, 28 May 2020 15:58

5 Truths to remember while the police station burns Featured


As I’m writing this tonight, on my second screen I am watching live video of a Minneapolis police building burning to the ground, overrun by protesters, looters, and rioters. It is a stunning scene for an American City to have a police building overrun and ransacked, as the fire and police...

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Written by Jesse Johnson
Thursday, 28 May 2020 15:23

A Biblical Dilemma For The Catholic Eucharist

        The Roman Catholic Church maintains that the communion elements at the liturgical service are transubstantiated into the body and blood of Christ by the priest to be consumed by those who are present. Rome teaches that the Eucharist is the means by which Christians...

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Written by Jesse
Thursday, 28 May 2020 15:13

This ‘n’ That

I’ve been thinking about patience a lot lately. I used to be extremely patient as a child, but that trait seems to have disappeared as I’ve aged. I grieve this and pray for more patience. Why? Because God is patient.

But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day...

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Written by E Benz
Thursday, 28 May 2020 15:00

My Take on the New Covenant (Part 10): In Summary


Read the series.

In this final part I want to gather things together and summarize what has gone before. In the latter half of the full piece I interact with some other views. I shall not concern myself with running over that ground here. I shall only outline the major pillars of my position on the...

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Written by Paul Henebury